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My Git workflow

§ Git flow

  • Install git flow, AVH edition because the original one is abandoned and the repo spammed. Also don't use any Ubuntu packages, the're old.
  • Setup git flow, merges should default to a develop branch
  • Feature branch workflow
$ git flow feature start <branch_name>
$ git flow feature finish -k <branch_name>

§ Git release

Update master branch:

  • git checkout master
  • git merge develop
  • Ensure you don't have unstaged diffs

Do the release (from master branch):

  • git flow release start 0.3.0
  • Update the CHANGELOG
  • Update the version number everywhere
  • (opt.) git flow release publish 0.3.0
  • git flow release finish 0.3.0 (will be merged in master)

then, tag and push the release:

  • git push --tags

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