sorting the wheat from the chaff

Dear Scammer, ...

Hello, good day to you.

I'll take that as a compliment. Proud to be a BIG pervert to your eyes. Or is it just you? Perhaps you need to expand you horizons a little bit? Try to have a wider eye on different things.

I'm afraid that friends and colleagues would find all that boring. There's one thing you might not be aware of: there are more perverts (as you call us) than you think.

Unfortunately I don't agree on these terms. Cryptocurrencies are a great opportunity to try to decentralize payments. Using them for unlawful activities such as extortion and blackmailing is just doing harm to them. Because of emails like yours, people will tend to think that BTC = illegal activities.

You're doing cryptocurrencies a bad service and you may not fully realize the extend of that in the long term.

I already know I have a remote backup: I did it myself on my NextCloud instance.

Judging by the volume of scam emails I receive, I can hardly believe your promise to not bother me again.

By the way, I'd nitpick on your wording: hacker is indeed a honorable title, but in this case you simply qualify as a scammer.

Best regards,

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